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    20 years DialCom has provided the best auto dialer services. From auto dialing services, predictive auto dialer software, cloud auto-dialer solutions, voice broadcasting services, predictive dialing and call center solution services across the United States.  Our background in auto dialing started out as wholesale carrier, running conversational and auto dialer traffic. We then built an auto dialer platform. Our carrier background has enabled us to bring the most competitive rates and auto dialing call completion percentages to the market today.

      Since 2000, DialCom has provided quality call center solutions to our customers across many different industries.  In addition, to helping design, implement and manage solutions for our customers, we pride ourselves with providing unparalleled customer service and account support for our clients. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our call center solution can help your organization reach new heights.


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DialCom Call Center Solutions

Increase Response Rates While Decreasing Cost. Put More Money In Your Pockets!

Typically autodialer systems make between 60 and 80 calls per hour per line. This assumes that your message is not longer than 40 seconds.Count on us to exceed all your expectations. Learn more about the solutions we offer for auto dialers, predictive dialing,  and how we can help you create successful and cost-effective telemarketing campaigns.

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Conduct political polls based on demographic data with automatic phone survey software that can dial a list of numbers and send IVR applications. Use our folks as an extension of your team. We can help you setup polling surveys and create custom reports for organization to save you time and money.

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 Automated outbound dialing technology paired with call intelligence can be used to maximize productivity and increase conversions. This auto dialing strategy is suitable for high call volumes and uses predictive statistical analysis.  On the basis of past trends, predictive dialing algorithm will know exactly how many dialing attempts and how much time is required to reach a live contact. This type of autodialer detects busy signals, answering machines, unanswered calls and forwards only the connected calls to the agents thus avoiding call drops.

We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of campaign that you would like to run. Let us help you maximize your investment in your personnel and data.

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Predictive Dialing or Press One Transfers -

You Make The Call

What are Predictive and Press 1 Dialing Campaigns?

A predictive dialer is an outbound calling system that automatically dials from a list of telephone numbers and automatically transfers live calls to waiting agents.  And while predictive dialers began as hardware solutions, many companies now offer predictive dialer software that is often based in the cloud.  

Press-1 Campaigns also known as Interactive voice broadcasting. Simple to set up, and simple to run. A press-1 Campaign calls a contact number from the list, when the called party picks up the call, the DialCom cloud software plays a recorded message.  If the called party is interested in talking to an agent, they simply press 1.

At DialCom we only charge a low flat rate per minute (under a penny depending on volume) with no monthly recurring fees.

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Political Polling and Surveys

What are Political Polling and Surveys?

Voice Broadcasting Service

What is Voice Broadcasting?

  Voice broadcasting is a mass communication technique that began in the 1990s, that broadcasts telephone messages to hundreds or thousands of call recipients at once. This technology has both commercial and community applications. Voice broadcast users can contact targets almost immediately.    When an autodialer broadcasts a pre-recorded message, it's often called voice broadcasting, and when the phone call is handed over to a live agent, it's called predictive dialing. The computer software is developed to automatically make many calls to different people throughout the day depending on past records and information in their database. An agent can use an auto dialer app to set up multiple tasks automatically and find time to do other important tasks.The software can call your desired audience and deliver the message you want without getting tired. And with algorithms getting better each day, this software is benefiting a host of businesses. In fact, you can boost your business by incorporating the software into your marketing department and have this software aligned with the customer’s requirement and see how efficient it will be. Send appointment reminders.  Broadcast important information to existing clients and potential clients.

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Outbound automated phone systems work by accepting bulk input of telephone numbers, usually from a computer drive or database. ... These systems, typically operated by computers, answer incoming calls. The systems typically play a message, then ask the caller to either press a button or speak a response.   24 hours, 7 days a week we provide the best technical support for your dialer system needs.  Help is just a click, email or phone call away!

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“I highly recommend DialCom. The staff members are extremely helpful and go the extra mile to make sure our campaigns are effective. They make me feel like a valued customer and not just another revenue source. I wouldn’t choose anyone else.”

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