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Political Calling

Political Surveys! Send a Message!

Political Calling - Poll The Voters!

You can import a voter file directly into DialCom using app integrations. DialCom integrates with popular CRM’s likes NationBuilder, NGP VAN, Blue State Digital, and others to let you seamlessly import voter files into DialCom and start your political calling campaigns.

Political Calling Custom Reports

Access live reporting and analytics for your political calls from the campaign dashboard. Understand how your campaign performs on different days of the week, how many voters were reached, and how they responded.

24/7 Support for Polling Campaigns

Political calling you can have access to reporting 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Your political call reporting will show what type of answer rate, voicemail detection, do not call and more.  It can be accessed from any internet connection. Customer care is available to assist 24/7

Political Polling and Surveys: Services
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